Working Backward

“Start with the end outcome and work backwards…”

– Wayne Dyer

On Sept 14 I introduced you to the vibrant habit of always starting your day with the end in mind.

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This week I would like you to imbed that habit in your thinking by doing something as you begin each day this week. That is our big tip for the day(s) below.

Have a Wonderful Vibrant week,


Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Working Backward

It is far easier to understand the concept and power of starting with the end in mind than to do it regularly. So here is your assignment for this week. It is going to require just 5 minutes each morning and some reflection during the day.

Each morning: As you begin the day ahead answer this:

  1. What outcomes will make this a successful and satisfying day?
    – – Not activities! Outcomes! – –

  2. Write these outcomes down… As you go through your day answer this simple question:

  3. Is what I am doing right now going to help achieve one of the outcomes I wrote down?


This will change your priorities and your focus and ultimately ….. your day!

And, if you keep doing this, you will soon learn to work your day backward as you start with the end in mind.

And guess what? If you consistently do this, you will be doing one of the two critical things that highly successful people do with flying colors!

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