Why Live Vibrantly is for You!


You’ll feel better!
You’ll look better!
You’ll even feel younger and look younger!
You’ll feel FULLY ALIVE!
You’ll bounce out of bed in the mornings!
You’ll have even more PASSION for life, work, love!

Live Vibrantly revolutionizes the way you live! Proven and time-tested foundations that transform how you think, achieve, live, feel, plan, create, rest, grow, do business and impact others so you can thrive!


Do you agree with any of these statements?

  • I want more happiness and vitality in my life!
  • I would like to have greater energy and stamina!
  • I would like my days to be more focused and purposeful!  
  • I long for greater energy and passion in what I do!
  • I would like to enjoy more success along with deeper relationships!
  • I would love to have less anxiety and much more confidence!  

Live Vibrantly can definitely help you!

Our weekly resources, coaching and materials have helped people achieve what they most want. Real uplifting change. Real value. Greater success. It’s life changing!

What awaits you is a solid foundation for more Vibrant Living. Think of the life you want more of: Health, Happiness, Success, Connection, and more. Think of these results as the roof of a beautiful building. That roof (your life) is supported by the pillars of solid and proven principles that become automatic, life-giving habits that you use continually. The beauty and stability of that roof (your life) totally depends on all the right pillars being in place to hold it (you) up. Without the right pillars in the right place
. . . life starts to crack and even tilt, or worse.

We help you internalize those pillars. You adopt essential skills, tools, and perspectives that sustain and create the vibrant life you want more of.

Live Vibrantly 8 Pillars
The Eight Pillars are the Foundation of Your Vibrant Life

It is very important, so I will state it again: These Eight Pillars are composed of proven skills and habits that really transform and uplift the quality of your life. No gimmicks or platitudes. These are an extensive set of practices developed from a lifetime of research and coaching people, who, just like you, want to transform their lives.

This is what we want to give you:

I consider myself blessed to have worked with Karen for several years now. As I’ve launched a new arm of my firm with the goal of helping families truly optimize their world, Karen’s program has helped me do the same not only within my business but within my family as well. When you work with Karen she provides not only accountability and insight, she serves as a partner you can count on as your success grows. Karen is one of the greatest coaches I have had the privilege to work with, and I believe she makes everyone she interacts with a better leader! – Chris Heerlein, Reap Financial Group

You helped me be able to shift my attitude which transforms my gloomy days during this pandemic into very vibrant days. I am grateful for the tips and techniques I get from you. You are making such a big difference in my life. Thank you for helping me live more vibrantly.” – Tim McNeely

Coach Karen, by helping me stay focused every day and every week and every month on the priorities that you helped me determine were the most critical in order to achieve the success we needed each year, we’ve doubled our bottom line faster than I ever dreamed possible. – Carol Snogress

“Karen,  love getting your positive nudges, keep it up, they are so helpful in these times of doubt and fear. You are like a bright sun on a cloudy day. Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement. Your joy and enthusiasm leaps off the paper when you write and shines through on every video you do.”
-Joel Weldon, Founder Ultimate Speaking System

Live Vibrantly so YOU can THRIVE!

Are you ready to begin? Let’s get you started living more vibrantly:

Joining Live Vibrantly is easy – We have made it easy and affordable to get access to our programs and to receive our powerful, weekly, one-minute LIFE CHANGE through the Living Vibrantly Monday Morning Minutes. Each Monday you will receive a one minute video with a practical lesson on one of the Eight Pillars. In a minute each Monday you will be encouraged to take practical and powerful steps to that more vibrant life you so want. As a member of Live Vibrantly you will also have access to our library of all the past Monday Morning Minutes, as well as other materials about living vibrantly: book reviews, articles, and more.

“I am pretty busy. How much time does it take?” We make it quick and easy – minutes a week. The Live Vibrantly program is based on simple but powerful life tools. Each week we select a single element (or facet) from one of the eight pillars.

It only takes you a few minutes to understand the element, but the transformation comes by applying that tool over and over in the following week and then beyond that week. In just one year you will see a real, vibrant impact in each of the 8 Pillars and accordingly you will experience new levels of VIBRANCE and satisfaction in your life: happiness, energy, contentment, purpose, passion, and a new level of success and more…

“How much is the basic membership?” A Live Vibrantly annual membership is $60. Every Monday you will be notified of your latest gold nugget. It is one simple click away every week!


That is just the beginning!

When you are ready to go even deeper we offer Personal Coaching Programs – Many people over the years have received one-on-one personal coaching from Karen. To make personal coaching even more affordable, we also offer monthly group coaching sessions with Karen. You can learn more here.

Welcome! We have so much to share with you.


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Our Fantastic Resources for Living Vibrantly

Professional Coaching with Karen

One-on-one and group coaching for clients in a wide variety of professions and roles.

The Live Vibrantly Monday Morning Minutes

Learn to Live Vibrantly with Weekly Video Lessons in your Inbox.

Give the Gift of Living Vibrantly in 2021

Give the Monday Minutes to your clients, customers, and colleagues.

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We offer you Joel Weldon who designed this talk to help the Genius Network members master their mindsets so they can feel happier and continue to get extraordinary results no matter what is going on in their surround at every moment.

Joel’s talk, The Glad Game—How to Find The Glad In Spite of the Bad, aligns exactly with the focus of Live Vibrantly, so I’m grateful that he gave us permission to share it with you.

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