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Karen Duncum

Before founding Living Vibrantly I have devoted my career to helping people find effectiveness and satisfaction in their professions and personal lives. I simply love to coach. I listen intently and deeply to the challenges a client faces. I then develop a plan with the client to bring forward the most meaningful, proven, and wise approaches that can initiate a new and fulfilling direction to achieve their desired end result. I walk the path of change with them and a new reality is born! Here are some of the many comments I have received:

Karen Duncum Live Vibrantly

Would you like to work with me directly?

Here are two ways you can

Professional Coaching

I provide professional one-on-one coaching for clients in a wide variety of professions and roles. Typically, we meet once a month for about 1 hour. Typically my professional coaching clients are in leadership roles or are simply facing new challenges or forming new goals. My approach is holistic and advances are created across the clients life. I love this work!
If you are interested in Professional Coaching, please contact me using the form below.

Group Coaching

In group coaching I typically meet with a group of around 10 people on areas with which they are all aligned. I work with the group to identify common and significant topics that are meaningful and pertinent for the whole group. We then gather for three 1.5 hour sessions over a period of a month. Along the way, participants gain skills and knowledge and apply them in their life. I work to keep the cost reasonable for group coaching. Typical cost is $199 per person.

Would you like to learn more about Group Coaching? Please contact me using the form below.

I consider myself blessed to have worked with Karen for several years now. As I’ve launched a new arm of my firm with the goal of helping families truly optimize their world, Karen’s program has helped me do the same not only within my business but within my family as well. When you work with Karen she provides not only accountability and insight, she serves as a partner you can count on as your success grows. Karen is one of the greatest coaches I have had the privilege to work with, and I believe she makes everyone she interacts with a better leader!

-Chris Heerlein, Reap Financial Group

A client I have been coaching for 2 years sent me this video as a way of illustrating to me the affect our coaching has had on 1) how he works with his clients, 2) the quantity and quality of time he gets to spend with his family and 3)how much more successful his business has become as a result of our coaching work together. Also, below the video you can see how he said that in his own words.

Just so you know you’re not all alone with having or having had some difficult slumps during this pandemic, a wonderful client of mine gave me permission to share this video with you that he sent to me. I just wanted you to know that even some of the most successful people, of which he is one, struggle at times and need some Live Vibrantly reminders along with all of us.

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More About Karen

Karen Duncum, former C.O.O. of an international marketing/advertising firm, psychotherapist and Bloomberg Business Week columnist has, for decades, been executive coach to leaders of fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and business owners and many other individuals. She is passionate about helping people learn what they can do to live vibrantly in all aspects and all seasons of their life. She considers it a privilege to extend her professional coaching work through founding Live Vibrantly. With great passion, Karen created the ground-breaking Live Vibrantly program to teach and coach the 8 vital components facilitating better, more vibrant lives as well as facilitating wealth in business and in life. Many comment that her coaching works so well because of her authenticity, passion and wisdom in addition to her inside out, individual centered approach.

One of Karen’s most successful coaching clients described Karen’s work this way:

Karen’s philosophy is that success in life and in work is an inside-out job.

She gets people to address the fundamentals as a person as well as how they do what they do. This is where she shines. All the work you did with me and my team was to get us to be aware of who they are, aware of what matters most and grow as people. When you grow as a person, that’s when you grow in your profession. Otherwise you fall into techniques. We learned from her that if you attend to all the fundamentals in life, you can’t help but be successful.


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