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My first edition and introduction to Karen's Vibrant Minute


Karen Duncum Live VibrantlyMy name is Karen Duncum. I am a coach and licensed counselor. I am passionate about helping people live their best lives–vibrant, healthy lives.

I have been establishing new ways to help people in addition to my coaching practice like eBooks, webinars and company engagements. Just about the time I was getting ready to launch this newsletter the Coronavirus pandemic was ramping up.

These events have lit a fire under me to get this out even sooner. Rather than simply titling my letter “Living Vibrantly” I am (for now) calling it “ Living Vibrantly in Challenging Times”.

My goals for these brief messages:

  • They will be short – so you can read it in minutes in your busy life.
  • They will be practical and useful – something you can really apply – so that it is a welcome resource
  • They will be based on solid information from the world of science and proven experience.

How often will you receive it?

You’ll find it In your inbox by the time you get up once a week.

My life’s work has been based on my passion for better living – for Vibrant Living. Living that can be vibrant and meaningful in every stage and situation, every season of life, good times and challenges, energy and tiredness, all of it. This is what I want to share with you each week.



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Each edition of Karen’s Weekly Minute will focus on one of eight topics.

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