Each day is a gift.  Be sure to open it.

– Anon

Good Morning,

Making the most of your life begins with making the most of every single day. This doesn’t always mean getting many tasks accomplished. Sometimes it means setting aside time to simply relax and be intentional about enjoying your day. Of course, it also means accomplishing things that are priorities as well as the things that just flat need to be done.

Have a Vibrant Day,


Live Vibrantly Productivity

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Productivity

A simple tip to squeeze the most out of your time is to set a block of uninterrupted time to knock out those important, necessary things that need to be done. (Interruptions rob us of about 50% of our time because of the way our brains work.) Then you have more time to do the high priority tasks and the things you relish doing. That’s important! Try doing one thing that you absolutely LOVE every single day and see if you don’t feel at least a twinge better about your life!

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