If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

— Loren Eiseley

Good Morning,

Part of being healthy with a strong immune system is staying hydrated. Water helps to carry oxygen to our body’s cells, which results in systems that function well. It also works to remove toxins, so drinking more of it helps prevent toxin build up which has a negative impact on our immune systems. Since staying hydrated helps to naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness, water can help keep you healthy!

But how do you know when you need water?

Have a Vibrant Day,

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Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Nutrition

Here’s an easy clue. Are you tired?

When I get tired during the day, I’ve learned to ask myself, “Are you thirsty, tired or hungry?” If I can’t answer that, I just drink an entire glass of water and guess what? Eight times out of 10, I’m not tired anymore. Use tired or even hungry as signals to drink a glass of water. It might even help you lose some weight! For sure, it will help you feel more energized while silently boosting your immune system!

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