“Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good …”

― Roy T. Bennett

Good Morning,

Some exciting news for you this morning: Optimism boosts Immune Systems! Research has found that as people become more optimistic, they show stronger cell-mediated immunity, the flood of immune cells that respond to an invasion by foreign viruses or bacteria.

Ever been around a negative person or watched too much news and observed how it made you feel? Just exit left. When I learned that it’s not mandatory to stay around negativity, I felt free.

Have a Vibrant Day,

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Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Lifestyle

Today, give yourself permission to just walk away from negativity whether it be a person or media. If it is walking away from a negative person, it’s easy to do. Make a polite excuse. Even, “Oops, it’s time for me to have my next glass of water” will do for an excuse for someone who is especially annoying. If it’s media, just turn it off. You’ll be saving the day for yourself—and that’s really important for staying healthy!

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