“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”

– Gene Tunney

Good Morning,

A great birthday card I got on the outside said, “How do you keep looking so fabulous.” On the inside, it said, “And please don’t tell me it’s what I eat and exercise!”

Fortunately or unfortunately, exercise is a giant key to a healthy immune system. “Over the last four decades, many studies have investigated how exercise affects the immune system. It is widely agreed that regular moderate-intensity exercise is beneficial for immunity,” as reported by Science Daily.

Are you saying, “Do I have to? When do I fit it in?

Have a Vibrant Day,

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Live Vibrantly Exercise stairs

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Exercise

I HAVE GREAT NEWS about EXERCISE. You can make exercise part of your regular day when you don’t have a time block to exercise. Here are a few ways you can easily do that. Try making movement part of everything you do like stand up when you take a phone call and march in place while you talk. You can even take a walk around the house or your office while you talk on the phone. I asked myself, “Why do you think you have to sit while you’re on the phone?” If you live or work in a multi-level, go to the next floor to use the facilities or get a drink or water. Just move all day long.

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