EXERCISE – Work Your Body!

“Getting into great shape is fun and wonderful if you’re healthy, but it’s essential if you’re not.”

– Henry S. Lodge, M.D.


You can improve your life dramatically with regular exercise, even after a serious illness. Maybe you fell off of your exercise routine sometime during the pandemic with gyms closing and opening and closing again, but don’t let yourself use that as an excuse. Here’s why:

Every day you’re not exercising, you’re allowing your body to decay—literally! It’s just a chemical fact. When your body notices a “shut down” like not exercising (or not eating), it “helps” you by tearing down fiber or muscle so that you can “survive” the situation that caused the shut down. The body is very efficient. If you’re not using a muscle it gets rid of the muscle as quickly as possible so that your body doesn’t need to support it with blood, nutrients, etc. So, the less active you are, the more “fit” fiber you lose. The more active you are, the more “fit” fiber you build.

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

If you want your body to work for you, work it! Little by little you can increase the time and intensity of exercise.

Work it in in several ways:

  1. Cardio (of any kind from elliptical to dancing)
  2. Strength training (of any kind from weights to resistance to toning)
  3. Stretching (lengthening muscles makes your body more limber to move easier)

Make movement a priority in your life and in each and every day. However much or however little you can do each day – just do it! You will not regret it!

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