We could be a thousand miles apart and I’d still know you were there.”

― Pete Hautman

Good Morning,

Since “being part of a pack” is critical for emotional well-being, it is important to find new ways to stay connected during this time of social distancing. True connection is a primal need and is intricately formed in the workings of our brains. Research tells us we pick up signals from facial expressions and body movements. Those visuals are transmitted to our brains so we “see” the other person’s emotions via mirror neurons. Because we see and feel their emotions, they now see and feel our emotions and a true connection is made. I’m just scratching the surface and simplifying it for our purposes.

Have a Vibrant Day,


Live Vibrantly Connectedness

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Connectedness

It’s especially important to find ways to stay connected during this time of isolation. Zoom gatherings and facetime can help. Someone I know said he is finding it energizing to work with a couple of people on a project to help others during this time—even though they have to work and meet virtually. Some people are driving to parking lots and each sitting in their own respective cars in the driver’s seat (to stay the appropriate distance apart) and talking through their open windows. What can you do to stay closely connected with others?

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