“Staying connected and getting reconnected feeds the flow of
goodness which empowers our humanity.”

― Susan C. Young

Good Morning,

Isn’t it wonderful that our world has opened up enough during this difficult time to allow us to see each other out in the world (at safe distances)? When we’re with people, the “feel good” chemical that naturally occurs in our systems—serotonin—increases. It’s uplifting to be with people we enjoy, so what safe things can you now do with people that you couldn’t do before?

Have a Vibrant Day,

Live Vibrantly Connectedness-1

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Connectedness

Find walking partners and walk and talk six feet apart. You can even set up a schedule that allows you to be with a different one of your friends every week. You can even go swimming with a friend at a safe distance. If you feel safe eating with friends outdoors, meet one for breakfast, and sit at opposite ends of a table for 4. Have a picnic in a circle—six feet apart. You may be surprised how good you feel and may even experience a sense of being “filled up” emotionally!

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