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PURPOSE and PASSION – Your Good Life


“The key to achieving your aspirations lies not in ‘being a success’ but rather in working to reach your unique potential…”

Robert Kaplan-

Good Morning!

Do you live “the good life?” The Greeks “good life” is characterized by a life of thriving with purpose at its core.

Think about what motivates you from inside - your  Intrinsic Motivators”:

These include things like learning, a passion for the cause, relationships, skill development, culture, a feeling of belonging, comradeship, and other intangibles.”

Here are some things to help on your road to finding your intrinsic motivators:

1. Understand your passion: What gets you excited? When you’re doing something you love. What makes you shine inside and out? 

2. Start to name your intrinsic motivators. They may include things like learning, a feeling of belonging, comradeship, passion for a cause, culture.

3. Don’t get stuck in isolation. Researchers have found that one of the key impediments to reaching our individual potential and living out our intrinsic motivators is isolation.

4. Get good feedback. Ask people who care enough about you to be candid with you (and sometimes tell you things you might not want to hear)—people who will reflect back to you what you might be missing seeing in yourself.  These things might just be the key to unlock a view into your purpose.

5. Engage a coach. A coach observes you on some regular basis and based on that observation, identifies specifics that give you insights into yourself that can lead you on your unique path.  A good coach seldom tells you what to do.  Rather, they help draw out of you what you determine you need and want to do.


Review 1-5 above.  Take a few minutes quietly.  Now – specifically, ask yourself and answer these four questions:


“What activities have I enjoyed doing the most throughout my life?”

“What has provided the happiest moments in my life?”

“What do I want most at this point in my life?”

“What can I simply not live without in this world?”


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