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“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”


When you know why you’re alive, and what makes your life meaningful, you will want to be able to look backward at your life from its ending phase and see all those things that have made you smile or cry with joy. That vision of the future will create a new passion to live life with purpose, and it will energize you with daily momentum. That’s the power of working backwards.

That is also what helps you dance in the rain rather than just weather the storms. That’s what gives you the sparkle, the passion, the vibrance that lights you (and a room) up.

TIP: If you’re not quite sure of what will make you glow with joy when you look back on your life from your end point, take some time to toy with that thought.

Walk on the beach or in the forest. What makes your life glow? It will come to you… It could be that having had deep, meaningful relationships will give you that glow. It could be that leaving a legacy of instituting reciprocally beneficial relationships gives you that joy. It could be that having been a mentor in some way to as many people as possible gives you that joyful glow. It could be that creating forums (even if just fun, social forums) for people to connect with people gives your life meaning and purpose. One thing for sure, it will be the thing that matters to you. And thinking and planning backwards will energize your day and enlarge your vision!


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