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PRODUCTIVITY – Schedule Your Actions

“Technology does not have the power to make you productive. Only you do.”

– Ari Meisel


Answer this question: Why should I be productive?

The simple reason to be productive is to create what you desire in life – to realize your chosen outcomes. If you ARE achieving your desired outcomes at the pace you like, then game over. You’re good—you’re GREAT!

On the other hand, if you’re not achieving all your desired outcomes, this week’s tip will take you to the next step toward achieving. But regardless, you’re still GREAT!

As Ari Meisel, productivity genius, says in his latest book, On Productivity, “It comes down to doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason—and nothing else.”

(BTW: In a phone conversation several years ago, it was Ari who gave me the roadmap for launching Live Vibrantly).

TIP: Here is your next productivity step after the Implementing Your Priorities tip.

From your Achieve Road Map, put everything you want to accomplish on your calendar during a specific time slot based on how long you estimate the action will take. Aren’t things that need to be accomplished are as important as appointments? So schedule them. It also helps you refrain from overcommitting. If there isn’t enough time available in your schedule, you simply won’t do it.


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