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PRODUCTIVITY – Implementing Your Priorities?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

– Paul J. Meyer


Eight weeks ago we talked about setting priorities when the Vibrant Wheel had rolled around once more to productivity. It has rolled back around to it again.

Did you actually implement the tip of 8 weeks ago and determine your priorities? Now let’s take that a bit further. After you have your priorities set, how do you stay focused on the right priorities and not fall back into old habits of just doing “stuff?” Do I ever have a tip for you—and it’s FREE!

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

Have a Simple Plan for the Week

If you want to stick with your top priorities that will take you closer to reaching your life objectives and greater success, use my weekly one-page tool. You can print it right off the website. Just go here now. You only have to decide once a week what you will accomplish (1 or 2 things) that week because the tool already has your annual, quarterly and monthly goal on it. So you just decide what, this week, will take you closer to reaching those longer term goals. It is simple and easy. Try it for free “You can print it right off the website. Just click or tap here now!”


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