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PRODUCTIVITY – Easily Getting It Done


The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” 

Stephen Covey

I’m often asked, “How do I cram more into the time I have? I seem to never get it all done.”  Well, here’s a little story: 

Suzanne calmly walked into the gathering, sat down with ease, smiled and checked in with her friend. Steven, then came crashing into the group late, raced over to grab his beverage, spilled it, grabbed a towel, wiped it up and quickly sat down just as the group came to it’s beginning point.  Jessica asked Steven if everything was all right with him and he said, “I’m just so pressed for time today.  Well, not just today, everyday it seems.  There just isn’t enough time to get everything done!”

Does Suzanne have more hours in the day than Steven? Everyone knows Steven has no more to do than Suzanne does.  What’s the difference?  After Suzanne got coaching on productivity, she started learning how to set end point priorities and work backwards from there.  She learned how to set priorities and schedule actions to achieve the goals of her priorities, then she scheduled, on her calendar, every action to achieve her priorities.  Did she do a perfect job every day, every week? Of course not.  

Over time, that calmed her down and she got the important things done and learned to let go of the lesser important things. 

Eight weeks ago on June 21 we left you with the challenge to schedule everything you want to accomplish on your calendar after having worked backwards using your Achieve Road Map: 

How’s that working for you?



1. If you haven’t mastered the use of the Achieve Road Map yet, stick with it.  It will soon become a habit and it will make you as calm and productive as Suzanne.

2. If you have questions about how to effectively use the Achieve Road Map, send me a question at the bottom of this page link:


Happy Getting Things Done to each of you!



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