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Nutrition, What Fuels Us?

“Food is Fuel. Fill your Tank with Premium.”

– Anon


It’s that time of year, isn’t it? When you say, “Why the heck did I eat all that yummy, not so healthy, food for weeks during the holidays? Now what? We go on crazy kinds of diets or try, mostly unsuccessfully, to cut back or try to work it off through extreme exercise. Guess what? There’s a simple solution! If you don’t relish the idea of dieting once again, then don’t! Just learn more about what is good for you and what is not (you may think you already know, but you might be surprised) by checking this book out: FOOD: What The Heck Should I Eat by Mark Hyman, MD.

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – What Fuels Us?

Don’t diet. Simply eat the right foods…and eat less than you did during holidays. Make it a habit to share meals with someone or share them with yourself the next day. Follow these 2 simple steps (and the 3rd one if you must):

  1. In essence, start the year by eating half a fuel meal each mealtime. You can pretty much eat whatever you want (of the foods that actually fuel your body rather than just fill your tummy.)
  2. Take Dr. Mark Hyman’s quizzes in his book “FOOD: What The Heck Should I Eat” and discover new science findings that guide us to what food fuels our bodies efficiently and effectively. Just click or tap here to get the book.
  3. If you absolutely can’t go forward without going on a diet, check out Dr. Hyman’s Pegan Diet and How To Eat For Life in Part IV of his book.


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