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LIFESTYLE – Sleeping & Waking Mindset

“What you allow in has a pulse and travels through you. Allow only good in.”

– Karen Duncum


How did you sleep last night? What was your mood when you woke up today?

Huffington Post reports that “mood and perspective play a significant role on our mindsets before bed, which can in turn influence our quality of sleep.” They also affect our mindset when we wake up in the morning. Isn’t it, therefore, important what we watch, listen to, read, talk about and think before we go to sleep? Huffington post also said, “Think about your own experiences — is there a difference in how you sleep when you’re feeling good about things vs. when you’re feeling stressed or down? A lot of that may have to do with what you’re thinking about as you settle into bed.”

The University of Manchester studies found that people with higher levels of gratitude and positive thoughts before bed slept longer and reported better rest quality than those with more negative thoughts.

Want some good news about this?

Rosie Osmun at Amerisleep reports, “You can train yourself to kick negative thoughts and flip the switch from negative to positive. It’s not about suppressing the unwanted thoughts, which often backfires, but changing gears (and dealing with negative thoughts at a more appropriate time).

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

TAKE CHARGE: Be your own authority in your sleeping and waking mindset. Be conscious and intentional about what you watch, listen to, read and think about before you go to sleep. If harsh, negative content tends to affect you, don’t allow it in several hours before you sleep. Take in uplifting, vitalizing, gentle content before you sleep. Count those blessings!


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