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Exercise – Stretch for Life


“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Joseph Pilates

Good Morning!

Ever watch a 15-year old body move compared to a 70 year old body? What’s the difference? A lot of it is flexibility.  We get to keep our healthy, youthful flexibility if we’re willing to work at it by stretching regularly. And stretching improves posture, range of motion and also prevents loss of range of motion.

What else can stretching do for you? Prevent injury, decrease muscle soreness, relieve some discomfort AND we can move with more ease.

How much time do you spend at a computer or looking at a phone or tablet?  Typically our shoulders are rounded and our head is forward.  Not great posture, right? By stretching our pectoralis, upper trapezius and hamstring muscles, we can improve the ill effects of what we do during the day.


In under 15 minutes of yoga or any kind of stretching every day (or even every other day), you’ll feel better and look better AND keep from looking old as those years tick by.


Cheri Clampett has great ways for you to make your own stretching routine in her The Therapeutic Yoga Kit.

And here’s a free, quick daily routine for you on YouTube:



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