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EXERCISE = Growing Younger!

“Live strong, fit and sexy—until you’re 80 and beyond.”
-Chris Crowley


Want to feel really good and be free from aches and pains? Want to be fit, strong and healthy until the day you die? Then EXERCISE!

Here’s my motivation for continuing to exercise and makes me nervous when I can’t.

Exercise builds strength like this: Exercise triggers a chemical called cytokine 6, a decay messenger molecule, which causes inflammation and pain. That reaction causes cytokine 10, a repair messenger molecule to come to the rescue. cytokine 10 combats the inflammation and repairs what exercise does so growth occurs (muscle repair and growth and other great things—like keeping us young and healthy).

Marathon runners have a hundred times normal levels of cytokine 6 by the end of the race. Your level of cytokine 6 is a measure of how much exercise you do, how much inflammation you cause, and how much growth (or decay reversal, age reversal) you will receive from cytokine 10.

Without exercise there is a slow, steady drip in our muscles and bloodstream of cytokine 6 (that’s the chemical process that makes us decay as we age), but not enough to trigger the cytokine 10 response (the chemical that jumps in and reverses the decay).

The only way to trigger cytokine 10 (and stay healthy and young) is EXERCISE. Want to jump up now and exercise hard? I do!

TIP: So the tip is very simple today: Exercise more DAILY and grow younger as you do!


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