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EXERCISE – Foundation Training

“You can always improve your fitness if you keep training.”

– Maldonado


Being healthy and fit is foundational. We feel strong when we are. We feel confident about ourselves when we are. We think clearly when we are. Our mood and vitality is better when we are.

But what is the foundation of being healthy and fit? I have something really cool to share with you! I want to share with you how I have gotten stronger and pain-free. I can do things that I couldn’t do 3 years ago when I started doing an hour of foundation training twice a week. The older I get, the stronger I get. And I never have back pain anymore! That’s pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

Maybe you haven’t heard about foundation training yet. You want to. And you can do it in just 12 minutes a day if that’s all the time you have. So, what IS foundation training?

Foundation training is a set of movements that teaches individual muscles to act in concert with one another. Helping the muscles act together in a chain means that you can disperse your weight more evenly and maintain postural alignment.”

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

Take a look at this TED talk given by the founder of foundation training:

That’s the tip—plus start doing foundation training. You can do it for FREE in just 12 minutes a day by watching the video below: 

You will be amazed over time how much better you feel. If you prefer an award winning athlete/personal trainer to work with you in person or on zoom, here’s a great one:

Derin Stockton:


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