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CONNECTEDNESS – Results and Relationships

“Sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise.”

– Aaron Ben-Ze’ev


Let’s eliminate aloneness at home and in your work!

Relationships are how we expand as a person, as a business AND how you will get the most out of life. Does that surprise you?

Drs. Arthur and Elain Aron’s Self Expansion model tell us that efficacy–your ability to produce desired results–comes down to obtaining resources that make reaching your goals possible.

Financial resources, yes. Focus & priority setting, yes. But more importantly, human resources (CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS) with people have been found to determine efficacy and getting the most out of our lives as well as business success.

Here is an excerpt from Dan Sullivan’s latest book, Who Not How:

  • “As you engage in relationships you expand your abilities.
  • Relationships are how you transform as a person.
  • Relationships are how you transcend your current limitations.
  • Relationships are how you produce results.”

Research shows that relationships, not will power, are what help you overcome life-limiting and success-limiting habits (even addictions).


Get out there (even if it still has to be on zoom) and make connections, build relationships. What relationship will you improve or even create today?

And check out this great book about the power of relationships and connectedness:


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