The Live Vibrantly Monday Morning Minutes

The Living Vibrantly Monday Morning Minutes are Karen on video and text with that week’s TIP to implement. …and it really takes only one minute to view and read. The email is sitting in your mailbox when you wake up on Monday mornings. It is quick, easy and uplifting.

Those who have subscribed to the entire 52-week, one minute a week Live Vibrantly video and text program find that they see a BIG difference by week 30. By the end of one year, those who have faithfully implemented the one minute bite-sized program each week have received and internalized the entire Live Vibrantly program.

People are very excited about the positive change they see in themselves:

“By helping me stay focused every day, every week, every month on the Living Vibrantly Program and on the priorities that you helped me determine were the most critical in order to achieve success we want, we’ve doubled our bottom line faster than I ever dreamed possible.” – – Carol Snogress

“Thanks so much, Karen! Loved your video this morning. Right on point… Making things better one step at a time should be your tag line!” – – Ben Eason

Joel Weldon: “Karen, love getting your positive nudges, keep it up, they are so helpful in these times of doubt and fear. You are like a bright sun on a cloudy day.’ – – Joel Weldon

Other Feedback about the Morning Minutes:
Get your exercise in 5 minute chunks — “Brilliant”
Start the day with goals rather than an activity plan — “Another excellent tip! These are SO helpful.”
Discover your passionate purpose — “ANOTHER GREAT VIBRANT THOUGHT THIS A.M.!!”
Wake up with a positive mindset — “Spot on as usual.”

And here in 2020 we have seen that the Monday Morning Minutes help people feel lighter and brighter during these heavy, dark, difficult times. This is why the Monday Minutes are temporarily called Living Vibrantly in Difficult times.

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