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A Life of Gusto & Zest

“Live A Life That Would Make You Jealous!”

– Anon


There is seldom a circumstance or a set of circumstances that precludes living an inspired life. In fact, the tough times that we go through are often what we need to look at our life in a new way, get back to fundamentals, make things better at a deep level, and really live–feel FULLY alive.

We all want 2021 to be better for us, yes, for everyone. I, for one, really can’t wait for normalcy to return. But living vibrantly is just too important to wait for easier times. It can be challenging, and it may take some creativity. It may take some brainstorming to think of new things. But the things that can help us (at least in parts of each day) feel fully alive are possible for us.

Answer this question: “Who do you want to be and how do you want to live when you finally exit this long hard tunnel of difficult times?”

Even in these times that make it more difficult recreationally and socially, it is still incredibly important to live with gusto…with a zest for life. What are things you can add or add back into your life that would, in fact, find you saying, “I’m living a life that would make ME jealous.” ???

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – A life of gusto and zest

Without social activities, without movies, concerts, community events, this is a time to dream up new, enjoyable—more than that–actual fun things to do that bring us joy. Now is the time to get creative: brainstorm with a friend or friends on the phone, on zoom or gathered together in a circle, 6 feet apart. Make it a game: At a very rapid pace, everyone pops out one fun/enjoyable activity and then the next person does, the next person does. There is no positive or negative judgement allowed. You can take turns being the scribe to capture all the ideas or one person can volunteer for that job. You’ll end up with a whole list of joy-bringing, maybe even innovative things to help you “live a life that would make you jealous!”


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