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PRODUCTIVITY – Setting Priorities – What’s Most Important?

“”You always have time for things you put first.”

– Kushand Wisdom


The most successful people work top-down, they work from their top priorities and down from there. That way they are always focused on what they know is most important (and most satisfying). Successful people are fantastic at delegating–at moving things off their action list that are not vitally important for them to personally do. They are great at measuring their productivity by how it connects to their top priorities.

Want this kind of life? Keeping activities aligned with your purpose and passions? Being able to let go of the small stuff and really celebrate the important things in life? What a life, right?

Last week we talked about your TOP priority: Why Are You Alive. Once you know that answer you can name those top priorities and as a result turn that unsatisfying discipline of time management into the enriching and life affirming practice of living with FOCUS.

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

6 Powerful STEPS to Setting Priorities and Using Your Time:

  1. After deciding Why You’re Alive, it’s easy to decide what you want to accomplish in your WHOLE LIFE.
  2. Next, what does that mean you need to accomplish this YEAR?
  3.  What does that mean you need to accomplish this QUARTER?
  4. What does that mean you need to accomplish this MONTH?
  5. What does that mean you need to accomplish this WEEK?
  6. What does that mean you need to accomplish TODAY?

If you want my simple AND EASY one pager to walk you through those steps, just let me know.


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