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Good Reads


Good Morning!

You can improve your life dramatically with regular exercise, even after a serious illness. Maybe you fell off of your exercise routine sometime during the pandemic with gyms closing and opening and closing again, but don’t let yourself use that as an excuse. Here’s why:

Every day you’re not exercising, you’re allowing your body to decay—literally! It’s just a chemical fact. When your body notices a “shut down” like not exercising (or not eating), it “helps” you by tearing down fiber or muscle so that you can “survive” the situation that caused the shutdown. The body is very efficient. If you’re not using a muscle it gets rid of the muscle as quickly as possible so that your body doesn’t need to support it with blood, nutrients, etc. So, the less active you are, the more “fit” fiber you lose. The more active you are, the more “fit” fiber you build.

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

If you want your body to work for you, work it! Little by little you can increase the time and intensity of exercise.
Work it in in several ways:
1. Cardio (of any kind from elliptical to dancing) 2. Strength training (of any kind from weights to resistance to toning) 3. Stretching (lengthening muscles makes your body more limber to move easier)

Make movement a priority in your life and in each and every day. However much or however little you can do each day – just do it! You will not regret it!


“Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe.”

Danielle LaPorte

Good Morning!

Take some quiet time to think about if we are journeying with purpose into what we are passionate about—or even being passionate to find our purpose. Take some time to notice how you feel when you are doing what you do. Does it enliven and invigorate you? Do you feel more fully alive when you are doing it OR does it drag you down and drain you? To be vitalized—vibrant, we need to spend a tremendous amount of our time—our life—doing what passionately draws us toward it. What pulls you magnetically in? What are you naturally drawn to?

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Intentional Passion

When you have an idea of the things that you gravitate toward joyfully, try some of them out. How do you feel when you are doing them? Does it give you “life” or drain the lifeblood right out of you? Do more of the things that GIVE YOU LIFE!


If you don’t have the opportunity to do that in your work at work or home, be sure you set aside ample time outside of working hours to spend significant time doing what gives you life — THAT’S WHAT YOUR PASSIONATE ABOUT and that’s where you’ll discover your purpose!



“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

Good Morning!

Just like we talked about slowing down in our life and in our work last week on Labor Day, today that spills over into how we eat.

I was talking to a wonderful, passionate dietician, Samantha Kalb and I was so happy to hear her say:

            I believe food is one of the greatest joys we share as human beings. 
              In today’s fast-paced society we easily disregard all that food offers. 
              The experience of eating!” 

When was the last time you really paused and recognized what your food tastes like? What is the texture? The sensation?” Next time you’re eating, pause to ask yourself these questions and see how eating can bring even more joy to your life.”


Be a slow eater!  Here is why:

             *A recent study out of Kyushu University in Japan found that people 

              who take time to chew slowly have better digestion and feel fuller, 


             *Researchers also found that, on average, slower eaters had a smaller 

               waist circumference and lower body mass index.



 Since you now (because you’re living a vibrant life) eat only healthy, nutritious food, treat it like you do an expensive glass of wine or a very rare tea or coffee. Inhale the aroma. As you put a bite in your mouth, stop to lusciously analyze that first bite. As Samantha Kalb, that wonderfully passionate nutritionist, suggested, “Ask yourself… What is the texture? The sensation?”

Next time you’re eating PAUSE to ask yourself these questions and see how eating can bring even more joy to your life:  What does what I’m eating taste like? What is the texture? The sensation?


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Good Morning!

Is it time to slow down?…

We have sped up our living and we are working in a fast-paced, interruption-driven culture.  So have we stopped to ask, is it helping or hurting to be driven to speed by technology, mass media and the cultural norm?

            *Do you remember when TV and Radio commercials were 60 and 30 seconds                  long?  
            *Do you know now they are an average of 15 seconds?
            *Do you remember when children played outdoors after school? Now they are                doing vast amounts of homework and extracurricular activities to stay ahead.
            *Do you remember when people went home from work at 5:00 and no one 
              from the work world contacted them until the next day? Now with cell phones                and personal computers we think nothing of contacting people at all hours.
            *Do you remember when you opened mail from your postal carrier once a                        day? Now with email, many are opening mail many, many times a day.

Theorists and philosophers warned us at the beginning of the technological age that if we didn’t control technology, it would control us. 

Reagan Bach shares:

            “Going slow means investing in the things that matter long term and that take    time to develop, so that we can move quickly and become successful over the long haul.”               

We CAN slow down. We don’t have to allow the technological age to push us into high speed and drive us to distraction. Geir Berthelsen founded The World Institute of Slowness, as a Think Tank in 1999.

In Carl Honoré’s 2004 book, In Praise of Slow, he describes the slow movement:

            “It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow  philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. It’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savoring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting.”


While Live Vibrantly focuses on everyone in all walks of life, let’s look at how you focus your work:


For those of you in business, it is important to remember some things Regan Bach teaches:

  • “Growth isn’t all that matters.” (Financial gain isn’t all that matters.)
  • “Strategy matters”
  • “People matter”
  • “Culture matters”
  • “Longevity matters”


“These are the aspects of business that suffer and ultimately fall apart at the seams when companies focus exclusively on moving fast. Many companies aim to gain market traction first, and then deal with everything else (culture, communication, HR, etc…) once they get there. That’s like attempting to summit Everest first, and then dealing with setting up base camps after the fact.”



How about pausing today and asking yourself what you can do to slow life down?


Here are some resources for you: 



In Praise of Slow – Carl Honore 

The World Institute Of Slowness



“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Joseph Pilates

Good Morning!

Ever watch a 15-year old body move compared to a 70 year old body? What’s the difference? A lot of it is flexibility.  We get to keep our healthy, youthful flexibility if we’re willing to work at it by stretching regularly. And stretching improves posture, range of motion and also prevents loss of range of motion.

What else can stretching do for you? Prevent injury, decrease muscle soreness, relieve some discomfort AND we can move with more ease.

How much time do you spend at a computer or looking at a phone or tablet?  Typically our shoulders are rounded and our head is forward.  Not great posture, right? By stretching our pectoralis, upper trapezius and hamstring muscles, we can improve the ill effects of what we do during the day.


In under 15 minutes of yoga or any kind of stretching every day (or even every other day), you’ll feel better and look better AND keep from looking old as those years tick by.


Cheri Clampett has great ways for you to make your own stretching routine in her The Therapeutic Yoga Kit.

And here’s a free, quick daily routine for you on YouTube:



The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” 

Stephen Covey

I’m often asked, “How do I cram more into the time I have? I seem to never get it all done.”  Well, here’s a little story: 

Suzanne calmly walked into the gathering, sat down with ease, smiled and checked in with her friend. Steven, then came crashing into the group late, raced over to grab his beverage, spilled it, grabbed a towel, wiped it up and quickly sat down just as the group came to it’s beginning point.  Jessica asked Steven if everything was all right with him and he said, “I’m just so pressed for time today.  Well, not just today, everyday it seems.  There just isn’t enough time to get everything done!”

Does Suzanne have more hours in the day than Steven? Everyone knows Steven has no more to do than Suzanne does.  What’s the difference?  After Suzanne got coaching on productivity, she started learning how to set end point priorities and work backwards from there.  She learned how to set priorities and schedule actions to achieve the goals of her priorities, then she scheduled, on her calendar, every action to achieve her priorities.  Did she do a perfect job every day, every week? Of course not.  

Over time, that calmed her down and she got the important things done and learned to let go of the lesser important things. 

Eight weeks ago on June 21 we left you with the challenge to schedule everything you want to accomplish on your calendar after having worked backwards using your Achieve Road Map: 

How’s that working for you?



1. If you haven’t mastered the use of the Achieve Road Map yet, stick with it.  It will soon become a habit and it will make you as calm and productive as Suzanne.

2. If you have questions about how to effectively use the Achieve Road Map, send me a question at the bottom of this page link:


Happy Getting Things Done to each of you!



“The key to achieving your aspirations lies not in ‘being a success’ but rather in working to reach your unique potential…”

Robert Kaplan-

Good Morning!

Do you live “the good life?” The Greeks “good life” is characterized by a life of thriving with purpose at its core.

Think about what motivates you from inside - your  Intrinsic Motivators”:

These include things like learning, a passion for the cause, relationships, skill development, culture, a feeling of belonging, comradeship, and other intangibles.”

Here are some things to help on your road to finding your intrinsic motivators:

1. Understand your passion: What gets you excited? When you’re doing something you love. What makes you shine inside and out? 

2. Start to name your intrinsic motivators. They may include things like learning, a feeling of belonging, comradeship, passion for a cause, culture.

3. Don’t get stuck in isolation. Researchers have found that one of the key impediments to reaching our individual potential and living out our intrinsic motivators is isolation.

4. Get good feedback. Ask people who care enough about you to be candid with you (and sometimes tell you things you might not want to hear)—people who will reflect back to you what you might be missing seeing in yourself.  These things might just be the key to unlock a view into your purpose.

5. Engage a coach. A coach observes you on some regular basis and based on that observation, identifies specifics that give you insights into yourself that can lead you on your unique path.  A good coach seldom tells you what to do.  Rather, they help draw out of you what you determine you need and want to do.


Review 1-5 above.  Take a few minutes quietly.  Now – specifically, ask yourself and answer these four questions:


“What activities have I enjoyed doing the most throughout my life?”

“What has provided the happiest moments in my life?”

“What do I want most at this point in my life?”

“What can I simply not live without in this world?”


“There is an intense hunger for genuine community where people feel related in truly human ways.”

J. Douglas Holladay

Good Morning!

Now that we’re quite a ways out of the pandemic closet, we get to start reconnecting in person with other human beings.  Whew! That almost suffocated us, didn’t it?  Especially those who had to be in almost total isolation for so long.  

Vivek Murthy wrote:

 “Today, over 40 percent of adults in America report feeling lonely, and research suggests that the real number may well be higher.” Rob Kaplan, former Harvard Business School professor and now president and CEO of the Dallas Fed said, “In my experience, one of the key impediments to reaching our potential is isolation.”

So what is a good way to make even greater connections with people than we had before?  

■ Maybe consider talking to each other at deeper levels than just, “How are you doing?” Perhaps when checking in with people, draw from your list of inner kindnesses, like Mark Nepo suggests, “Do you need any affirmation? Clarity? Support? Understanding?” 

■ Or simply ask, “How has it changed you to have gone through this last year? Is there anything at all I can do for you?” And then just stop talking and listen. When they answer, reflect back to them what you heard them say and listen again, because they WILL say more. You both will feel more connected.


Focus this week on connecting with people more intentionally:


● Listen really well.

● Ask questions that show real empathy and curiosity (see above)

● Actively reflect back feelings.

● Celebrate with those that are celebrating

● Feel with those who are feeling strongly

● Make someone’s day through how you relate to them!


“The attitude is very important. Because, your behavior radiates how you feel.

-Lou Ferrigno

Good Morning!

Why is attitude important?

A story:

Lillian and Jake walked out of the restaurant into an unexpected downpour.  Lillian squealed, looked up into the rain toward the sky and started twirling around and said, “Let’s go dance in the puddles!” As she turned to Jake, she saw he was not a happy camper.  He was looking down at the ground, pulling his jacket over his head.  He grumbled, “This darn rain.  I’m cold now and my shoes are going to be ruined.  Let’s get out of here.”

What’s the difference here?

The environment is exactly the same for both Lillian and Jake.  It is their attitude that is different.

The company, Whitespace says:

"An individual who has the openness, honesty, and subtlety to perceive the nuances of their attitude in each moment, and the concentration necessary to make corrections as necessary is truly an unlimited person. For it is our attitude which determines the reality we live in and the opportunities and experiences we are available to.” (

What kind of attitude do you want? It’s your choice, you know.  Or do you know?  Choose to relax and just be with what is, or even enjoy what is.  It may not be what you would have preferred, so can you switch gears and choose to prefer it? 

Can you dance in the rain?  


Here’s how to retrain your brain (grow new positive neural pathways. Just google neuroplasticity*):

If you notice your attitude isn’t serving you:



2. Make a new choice to switch gears and attitudes.


It’s that simple.  When you do that over and over, you grow new positive neural pathways.  When that happens you find that you now automatically see and feel differently than you used to and have a much more joyful, free flowing, VIBRANT life.


Remember what Zig Zigler said:  “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”



*Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping.



“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”
-John Milton


Ever had an epiphany? An illuminating discovery that shifted your reality? A bit of insight that helped you see/think differently than you saw/thought before?   

That’s what we mean when we say, “pick up a different lens to see through.”  When you do pick up a different lens or several different lenses to see through you are allowing an epiphany to happen on purpose instead of by chance. It opens you up to new ways of seeing and thinking.  It helps you expand as a human being and have a larger life view. That’s what happens when you have an epiphany. You suddenly see more than you saw before.  


I remember the day I realized that there are at least 100 right ways to do/see most everything.  When we stop blocking different views and stop defending our solo view, our world opens up, our anxieties can lessen, our acceptance expands…WE BECOME MORE VIBRANT!

Here’s an example from my life:

 The moment I stopped wishing someone would adore me and started giving freely to others—recall the valentine story* on February 8, 2021?—my life began to change. That was a slow moving, slow in coming epiphany—A real change of perspective that eventually paid off in spades (the more I give, the more I get) even though that wasn’t even part of the motive. I continued to find other little ways, little acts of kindness, little words, little cards, little gestures to make people happy and show them gratitude (and it paid off to me in that it made me happy to make others happy!) The happiness snowballed and showed up all around.



Want to feel more calm and able to ride with the tide and go with the flow? See how many different lenses you can try on this week.  Ask you friends and coworkers how they see things and just listen and drink in what they say.  Guard against blocking their view with your view shield. You don’t have to believe and adopt their view.  You can look at it, view all sides of it and either pick it up and hold on to it or lay it down.  But just knowing other views frees you up and calms you down.


Doubt it? Try it!


Full story:  I was always so sad when Valentine’s Day rolled around if I didn’t have a love in my life.  One Valentine’s Day I decided I would try something different.  I bought some inexpensive kids valentine’s packs and carried little valentines around with me all day.  I handed them out to strangers as well as people I knew.  They were first reluctant, then surprised, then so happy and said things like, “THANK YOU SO MUCH.  This is the only valentine I will get today.”  Epiphany: By focusing on making other people happy instead of my sadness resulted in my own happiness!  I was shocked at how happy it made ME to hear how much happiness the little valentine’s gave them! I was happy all day instead of staying home and sulking.  I created a perspective shift and an attitude change from sad to exceedingly happy.  I picked up a new lens through which to view Valentine’s Day.  The long-term benefit was that I started looking for little ways I had never seen/known before (perspective shift) to bring a little joy to people on a regular basis.

On this site you will find:

Try not to think of a pink elephant.  Try to not have any thoughts for the next 60 seconds..   How did it go?

Why Live Vibrantly is for You!

Live Vibrantly revolutionizes the way you live!
Proven and time-tested foundations that transform how you think, achieve,
live, feel, plan, create, rest, grow, do business and impact other people

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping.


So you now know you can actually rewire—retrain—your brain without a surgeon, mechanic or tech specialist!  By intercepting and editing our thoughts in the present we are laying a foundation for how we will naturally think in the future. 


It’s simple, but not easy.  Last time (August 2, 2021), we touched on growing new neural pathways and neuroplasticity.  Yep, we have pathways in our brain that we can reroute—sort of like the direction apps on our phone reroute us if we choose to go a different way to a destination.

Would you like to be in the positive attitude automatic mode?  You CAN!  It takes a little work to do the rerouting, but it is simple,

by using the brain’s ability to change* through growth and reorganization of our personal neural networks


AGAIN, Just STOP… PAUSE and ask yourself:

FOR SITUATIONS: Well what good could come out of this? OR Sure this is bad, and what’s the good here?

FOR PEOPLE: Yep, they can be a pain and what good do they bring to the table?  (Sometimes it helps to remember where they came from and why that might have affected them and made them be this way–compassion.)

Do this over and over and you will discover that you are automatically seeing the good and experiencing more joy in life.


If you do that often enough, the old route in your brain (neural pathway) will shrink and fade into the background and the strong route you have chosen will light up instead.

On this site you will find:

Why Live Vibrantly is for You!

Live Vibrantly revolutionizes the way you live!
Proven and time-tested foundations that transform how you think, achieve,
live, feel, plan, create, rest, grow, do business and impact other people

“I was a truck driver with limited formal education and then a US senator and finally ran for the presidency.”

 While running for governor, he was known to have said, “My opponent has charged that I have been in jail in four states for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.  That’s a damn lie.  I was in jail in six states.”

With his colorful language and straight talk, he won election after election by a landslide.  Why? Because he was so incredibly real.  By sharing his flaws so openly and vulnerably, he became ‘everyman,’ and people loved him for it. The public knew him as a flesh-and-blood human rather than a celluloid, perfectly scripted politician.


Just be yourself. People will be more drawn to you because you’re real. The world is starving for authenticity. Give it freely.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

–Brene Brown


“Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too. Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency & integrity.”

 –Michael Bliss

“Once you taste the sweet honey, you want more of that.”

– Garbine Muguruza

Good Morning!

Today is the birthday of a very special person who is dear to me. It is my brother who is big in the honey world. He tends bees and officiates organizations that assist beekeepers. He spends a lot of time and love on the bees he tends and they, in turn, benefit greatly by producing absolutely wonderful nutritious honey. We could also benefit greatly by eating that wonderful honey as we tend to the health of and nutrition for our bodies. Did you know that high-quality honey is RICH in Antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol? Honey can actually lower triglycerides!

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Something to Buzz About

So let’s start buzzing about honey. Why not begin transitioning from eating refined sugar to using honey instead?! You can either just take a couple of tablespoons of honey in the morning and one at bedtime as a supplement OR use honey throughout the day as the sugar substitute of your choice. I love to use honey in my coffee or espresso macchiato in the mornings and anytime during the day that I want to sweeten anything. (It took me a while to get used to the different taste. Now I love it! There are instructions on the internet for substituting honey for sugar in baking. So try some SWEET and TASTY HONEY to punch up your nutrition!

“I’m so cool that the kids come to my bedroom and go, ‘Mom! Turn the music down!”

– Melissa Etheridge

How noisy is your world, your life? We have traditional noise. We have visual noise (clutter). Now we have lots of digital noise, don’t we?

Do you feel differently when your out in nature as opposed to in your home or office?

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Reducing Digital Noise

Well, here’s a tip. Become a minimalist in the areas of turning down the noise in your life—the visual noise, the sound noise as well as the digital noise. Digital noise??? “What is that,” you may be asking? If you’re wondering, you might want to check out the book, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. You probably want to think about letting digital noise drink up all your valuable life.

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.”

– Kenneth H. Cooper

Let’s make exercise easy and doable during these difficult times. You don’t need to make it a chore or take a giant chunk out of your day. You just need to make sure you get some sort of exercise 5 to 6 days a week. Here’s an easy way to make that work for you.

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Exercising throughout the day can be fun

Pick an exercise you want to do. It can be skipping rope, dancing, taking a walk. You can even do pushups or situps– actually anything at all.

Then, set an alarm to sound off every hour and do 5 minutes of whatever you have selected.

If you do that every hour for 8 hours, here’s what happens. By the end of the day, you’ve done 40 minutes of exercise! If you do 10 pushups every hour, by the end of the day, you’ve done 80 pushups. It all adds up to staying fit!

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive but in finding something to live for.

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A 2010 study published in Applied Psychology found that individuals with high levels of eudemonic well-being—which involves having a sense of purpose along with a sense of control and a feeling like what you do is worthwhile—tend to live longer. Other researchers found that well-being might be protective of health maintenance.

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Identifying your Purpose for Living

If you have already determined your purpose, be sure that you get to devote time to it regularly especially if your purpose is something other than what you do day in and day out.

If you haven’t already determined your purpose, jot down thoughts about why you want to keep living.

What would you not be able to live without? I’m not talking about things like food, water, or your cocktail choice. I’m talking about why do you want to keep living? It can be as simple as I want to keep living so I can read OR paint OR learn OR be here when my children need me OR work on my boat OR…anything at all.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

– Tim Ferriss

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Productivity

In my coaching with business owners and key executives, I’ve watched them get tons more accomplished when they use my system that began with Stephen Covey’s Habit #2 in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It works! Try it at home AND at work: Begin With The End In Mind! Before you dive in decide clearly where you want to end up—with the project, the day, the week. See how much time you gain. See how much more time you have left for the things that enhance your life so you can LIVE VIBRANTLY!

“Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.”

– Sean Stephenson

During this Pandemic time of our lives, how do we make sure we don’t lose real connection with people? Is zoom enough? Is facetime enough? Is sitting/standing 6 feel apart enough? How can we maintain or even enhance our connection with others? Could it be that this unpleasant global situation might give us the opportunity to go beyond communicating and actually provide the time to have an exchange of our humanity with each other? Could we perhaps go beyond having mere exchanges of information to actually touch each other?

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Authentic Exchange

Next time you talk to your partner or close friend, ask them how all this has been affecting them—really affecting them. Ask them what they have been thinking most about during this time of perhaps less business, less running from social activity to the next. Have an authentic exchange with them rather than just a “what have you been doing.” Many people report they are finding a more connected place with people and touching in at a deeper, more gratifying level.

“Attitude is a Little Thing That Makes a BIG Difference..”

– Winston Churchill

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Morning Mindset

Rather than waking up in the morning and checking your phone, why not keep an uplifting, inspirational book next to your bed or by the chair you sit in while you drink your coffee. There are hundreds of inspirational books. You likely have at least one, if not several on your bookshelf. (If you don’t, send me an email and I’ll give you a few suggestions.) Grab one. Get it ready for tomorrow morning. Watch how the right mindset changes your day.

“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.”

– Steven Furtick

How would it affect you to spend your time being angry and feeling sorry for yourself for having been convicted and sentenced unjustly? Alternatively, how would it affect you to spend your time productively like studying for the bar exam, or writing a best selling book, or becoming amazingly fit? Isn’t it a matter of perspective?

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Transforming a prison into a passport

When you find yourself in a difficult situation or a bad mood, ask yourself a couple of questions: “How am I seeing this?” (What lens are you looking through?) and next question: “What good might come out of this?” In other words, “How can I make this a passport rather than a prison?” It all depends on what lens you decide to pick up and see-through because if you change the lens you see through, the things you see change. As Salman Rushdie said, “Reality is a Question of Perspective.”

“Put junk foods into a dustbin not into your stomach.”

– Brandon Gaile

What do you think of when you hear the word, “nutrition?” Stuff that isn’t yummy, right? Well, guess what, that isn’t always true! Better nutrition can start with today’s tip…

Karen’s Vibrant Tip for Today – Stop Eating Junk

Just stop eating junk. You don’t have to just eat raw veggies. But you don’t want to have a regular diet of fast food, sugar, and white flour. It’s okay to eat those things occasionally, but not all the time. It’s a simple tip and it is pretty easy to do, so begin today and notice how much better you feel by next Monday! I think you’ll be surprised!

“What we do during our work hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.”
– George Eastman


A very senior executive who I coached was always completely scheduled—never time to even think quietly. When I helped him pick up a new lens to see that time for not working was the most important determinant of the quality outcome OF his work, we instituted several blocks of time on his calendar. We called those blocks of time “GreenTime.” In his mind the color green indicated nature, natural, refreshing, spring-like time—renewal time. Actually the use of green in those blocks of time in his calendar became green because green was a color he hadn’t yet used in his color-coded calendar ☺

Here’s what he said about what happened when he instituted GreenTime: “I initially thought that using Green Time would simply return some sanity to my life, with little blocks of time that I was in control of, rather than being driven mad by a never ending string of time filling commitments. But Green Time was much more than that. It underlined what was important and how much of my time was being wasted on phony emergencies. Before long I had more and more green time and more and more productivity and peace. Green time is now the most important time in my calendar.”

TIP: Green Time helps you have space to THINK about the things that truly can make a difference–EXPAND YOUR VISION. SO, if you don’t have GreenTime blocked out in your calendar, begin this week! Call it GreenTime or anything, just guard that time as if it were the most critical meetings you have for your business or your life—because it is!

“Live strong, fit and sexy—until you’re 80 and beyond.”
-Chris Crowley


Want to feel really good and be free from aches and pains? Want to be fit, strong and healthy until the day you die? Then EXERCISE!

Here’s my motivation for continuing to exercise and makes me nervous when I can’t.

Exercise builds strength like this: Exercise triggers a chemical called cytokine 6, a decay messenger molecule, which causes inflammation and pain. That reaction causes cytokine 10, a repair messenger molecule to come to the rescue. cytokine 10 combats the inflammation and repairs what exercise does so growth occurs (muscle repair and growth and other great things—like keeping us young and healthy).

Marathon runners have a hundred times normal levels of cytokine 6 by the end of the race. Your level of cytokine 6 is a measure of how much exercise you do, how much inflammation you cause, and how much growth (or decay reversal, age reversal) you will receive from cytokine 10.

Without exercise there is a slow, steady drip in our muscles and bloodstream of cytokine 6 (that’s the chemical process that makes us decay as we age), but not enough to trigger the cytokine 10 response (the chemical that jumps in and reverses the decay).

The only way to trigger cytokine 10 (and stay healthy and young) is EXERCISE. Want to jump up now and exercise hard? I do!

TIP: So the tip is very simple today: Exercise more DAILY and grow younger as you do!

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”


When you know why you’re alive, and what makes your life meaningful, you will want to be able to look backward at your life from its ending phase and see all those things that have made you smile or cry with joy. That vision of the future will create a new passion to live life with purpose, and it will energize you with daily momentum. That’s the power of working backwards.

That is also what helps you dance in the rain rather than just weather the storms. That’s what gives you the sparkle, the passion, the vibrance that lights you (and a room) up.

TIP: If you’re not quite sure of what will make you glow with joy when you look back on your life from your end point, take some time to toy with that thought.

Walk on the beach or in the forest. What makes your life glow? It will come to you… It could be that having had deep, meaningful relationships will give you that glow. It could be that leaving a legacy of instituting reciprocally beneficial relationships gives you that joy. It could be that having been a mentor in some way to as many people as possible gives you that joyful glow. It could be that creating forums (even if just fun, social forums) for people to connect with people gives your life meaning and purpose. One thing for sure, it will be the thing that matters to you. And thinking and planning backwards will energize your day and enlarge your vision!

“Technology does not have the power to make you productive. Only you do.”

– Ari Meisel


Answer this question: Why should I be productive?

The simple reason to be productive is to create what you desire in life – to realize your chosen outcomes. If you ARE achieving your desired outcomes at the pace you like, then game over. You’re good—you’re GREAT!

On the other hand, if you’re not achieving all your desired outcomes, this week’s tip will take you to the next step toward achieving. But regardless, you’re still GREAT!

As Ari Meisel, productivity genius, says in his latest book, On Productivity, “It comes down to doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason—and nothing else.”

(BTW: In a phone conversation several years ago, it was Ari who gave me the roadmap for launching Live Vibrantly).

TIP: Here is your next productivity step after the Implementing Your Priorities tip.

From your Achieve Road Map, put everything you want to accomplish on your calendar during a specific time slot based on how long you estimate the action will take. Aren’t things that need to be accomplished are as important as appointments? So schedule them. It also helps you refrain from overcommitting. If there isn’t enough time available in your schedule, you simply won’t do it.

“Sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise.”

– Aaron Ben-Ze’ev


Let’s eliminate aloneness at home and in your work!

Relationships are how we expand as a person, as a business AND how you will get the most out of life. Does that surprise you?

Drs. Arthur and Elain Aron’s Self Expansion model tell us that efficacy–your ability to produce desired results–comes down to obtaining resources that make reaching your goals possible.

Financial resources, yes. Focus & priority setting, yes. But more importantly, human resources (CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS) with people have been found to determine efficacy and getting the most out of our lives as well as business success.

Here is an excerpt from Dan Sullivan’s latest book, Who Not How:

  • “As you engage in relationships you expand your abilities.
  • Relationships are how you transform as a person.
  • Relationships are how you transcend your current limitations.
  • Relationships are how you produce results.”

Research shows that relationships, not will power, are what help you overcome life-limiting and success-limiting habits (even addictions).


Get out there (even if it still has to be on zoom) and make connections, build relationships. What relationship will you improve or even create today?

And check out this great book about the power of relationships and connectedness:

“At any moment in your life, you have a choice to focus on the pain or open your thinking and look for the good in spite of the bad.”

– Joel Weldon


Would you like a solution? You might ask, “A solution to what?” Actually it is a solution to almost anything that is upsetting, dark, painful or just not good.

You can even make it a game, like Joel Weldon talks about in his talk (video link below)—The Glad Game—How to Find The Glad In Spite of the Bad. His rules for the Glad Game are in this week’s tip. Over and over, you hear me say that seeing the good eventually becomes automatic and changes your life and your level of success in your life and even your business. It’s a matter of focus. The bad or negative things don’t vanish, they just take their seat in the background and slowly fade when we focus on the good in the situation or in the person.

Just like Joel says in his talk, “Life is filled with imperfections, but when you play Joel’s Glad Game and you focus on finding something positive about everything in your life, you will see solutions you never imagined existed before and then the world will never notice the imperfections!” And neither will YOU!

You might even say, “This sounds too Pollyannaish.” It IS!

Here is the dictionary definition of Pollyanna: “An excessively cheerful or optimistic person.” Would you rather be an excessively cynical or pessimistic person? It’s a choice you get to make. Just know that part of living vibrantly is authentic optimism and joyfulness!

So here’s the tip:

Here it is: Joel Weldon’s 2-step rule for The Glad Game:

  1. When anything bad happens, PAUSE
  2. Find the good in the bad: Focus on finding the positive things in your life.

Please play this game starting today. Every moment can be a new beginning for you. At any moment in your life, you have a choice to focus on the pain or open your thinking and look for the good in spite of the bad.

Remember: The choice is to Live Vibrantly or to Live Sluggishly and Fearfully

FINAL TIP: Watch Joel’s talk. It will make you laugh while you learn.


“If we only see things through the cold-eyed lens of factuality and don’t listen to the yearning and screaming of unexpressed feelings, life may remain bleak.”

– Erik Pevernagie


Only when I finally listened to that yearning tug to paint again, did my life become excitingly vibrant—in every area of my life. Three years before, I kept having this feeling and vague vision of my arm swooping up very quickly on a very large canvas with a paintbrush in my hand. I wondered what that meant. I hadn’t painted in years and when I had painted with oil and watercolor years before for many years they were all painstaking, careful, strokes achieving representational works. I remembered one of my college art teachers beckoning us to paint rapidly to keep our thoughts from interfering and creating intentional creations instead of painting from our inner being (whatever that meant). I now know what he meant and it is very freeing and life-giving to paint from that place of feeling and passion.

Now I also LIVE from that feeling place that first drew me to painting and art and being my authentic self, the person I was born as. I am using the skills I learned from my teachers and from my experience, but I am regaining the pure joy of being me and using that to paint with all the wonder of exploration and expression. Painting is once again as dear to me as it used to be before I got so dominated and concerned with “doing it right”. I paint from a more authentic and joyful place rather than to satisfy some external standard or gain some outside approval. Remember the movie and song Born Free? We are born free, how great to rekindle that original passion and wonder and put that ahead of technique or rules or the lenses of others.

So here’s the tip:

  1. Appreciate all that we have learned from conditioning.
  2. Evaluate our conditioning (from others’ lenses) and decide what our lens is. Decide what WE want to keep and live by rather than blindly doing what we have been told. That means REALLY growing up. Become your own authority.
  3. Choose your lenses rather than just wearing the ones someone else put on you.
  4. Be open to picking up other lenses (maybe ones you never realized were there).
  5. Live Freely from YOUR inner being – YOU GET TO BE VIBRANT!
“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners.”

– William Shakespeare


In 1923, nutritionist Victor Lindlahr wrote, “Ninety percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat.” Today, we know this phrase simply as, “You are what you eat.”

I will add: You not only are what you eat, you are everything you swallow. That includes what you drink, what supplements you take—everything that goes into our mouth affects our energy levels, our health, our looks and our vitality. It also can affect how much or how little pain we have.

Hummm….does that make you want to take stock of what you’re putting into your mouth on a regular basis? It doesn’t mean you can never again eat and drink those yummy “bad” things, it simply means we all need to eat and drink healthy MOST of the time, not ALL of the time.

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

Try this: 5 or 6 days a week, eat and drink well, take your vitamins and minerals. Then 1 or 2 days a week (or you might even want to limit it to 1 or 2 meals a week) eat and drink whatever you want. That’s easy enough, right?

Don’t deprive yourself forever. Eat and drink well most of the time knowing that you get to reward yourself for good choices occasionally with something fun. Deferred gratification is a wonderful habit to get into in almost every part of your life. Try it!

“What you allow in has a pulse and travels through you. Allow only good in.”

– Karen Duncum


How did you sleep last night? What was your mood when you woke up today?

Huffington Post reports that “mood and perspective play a significant role on our mindsets before bed, which can in turn influence our quality of sleep.” They also affect our mindset when we wake up in the morning. Isn’t it, therefore, important what we watch, listen to, read, talk about and think before we go to sleep? Huffington post also said, “Think about your own experiences — is there a difference in how you sleep when you’re feeling good about things vs. when you’re feeling stressed or down? A lot of that may have to do with what you’re thinking about as you settle into bed.”

The University of Manchester studies found that people with higher levels of gratitude and positive thoughts before bed slept longer and reported better rest quality than those with more negative thoughts.

Want some good news about this?

Rosie Osmun at Amerisleep reports, “You can train yourself to kick negative thoughts and flip the switch from negative to positive. It’s not about suppressing the unwanted thoughts, which often backfires, but changing gears (and dealing with negative thoughts at a more appropriate time).

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

TAKE CHARGE: Be your own authority in your sleeping and waking mindset. Be conscious and intentional about what you watch, listen to, read and think about before you go to sleep. If harsh, negative content tends to affect you, don’t allow it in several hours before you sleep. Take in uplifting, vitalizing, gentle content before you sleep. Count those blessings!

“Getting into great shape is fun and wonderful if you’re healthy, but it’s essential if you’re not.”

– Henry S. Lodge, M.D.


You can improve your life dramatically with regular exercise, even after a serious illness. Maybe you fell off of your exercise routine sometime during the pandemic with gyms closing and opening and closing again, but don’t let yourself use that as an excuse. Here’s why:

Every day you’re not exercising, you’re allowing your body to decay—literally! It’s just a chemical fact. When your body notices a “shut down” like not exercising (or not eating), it “helps” you by tearing down fiber or muscle so that you can “survive” the situation that caused the shut down. The body is very efficient. If you’re not using a muscle it gets rid of the muscle as quickly as possible so that your body doesn’t need to support it with blood, nutrients, etc. So, the less active you are, the more “fit” fiber you lose. The more active you are, the more “fit” fiber you build.

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

If you want your body to work for you, work it! Little by little you can increase the time and intensity of exercise.

Work it in in several ways:

  1. Cardio (of any kind from elliptical to dancing)
  2. Strength training (of any kind from weights to resistance to toning)
  3. Stretching (lengthening muscles makes your body more limber to move easier)

Make movement a priority in your life and in each and every day. However much or however little you can do each day – just do it! You will not regret it!

“What matters in life is the intensity of life and how much you feel you are fulfilling that life—not how long you will live.”

– Dr. Kypros Nicolaides

(Watch his story on Netflix: Surgeon’s Cut, episode 1: Saving Lives Before Birth)


Dr. Kypros story on Netflix was entitled, “Saving Lives Before Birth”. The story of this remarkable and compassionate Fetal Surgeon is truly inspiring. I hope you can see it.

The doctor learned deep into his career that he had a type of blood Cancer that would kill him. But he wanted to work until his very last breath. His life’s passion was to save the lives of babies at risk in the womb. He has invented several processes and continues to invent and perform the procedures to save the lives of babies.

What a reminder to us that life is so much more than the breaths we take.  It is about what takes our breath away.  As we live with purpose we feel passionate! Dr. Kypros: “I lived all my life with the feeling that you must not waste time.”

Here is your vibrant tip for the week! 

Living the Life you Love

If you are not already extremely passionate about something in your work or in your life, don’t delay in finding the thing(s) that truly juice you! What do you just LOVE doing? What makes you happiest? When do you get in “the zone…in flow*.” Flow is when you lose track of time and aren’t even conscious of where you are. You are totally absorbed in what you’re doing.

What were you doing in your life when you were in that flow state? What do you recall in your life that made you want to leap out of bed in the morning so you could go do it?

If you want to know more about achieving Flow States you can watch the 2004 TED Talk by the pioneering researcher of Flow below this text:

* flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Wikipedia

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

– Paul J. Meyer


Eight weeks ago we talked about setting priorities when the Vibrant Wheel had rolled around once more to productivity. It has rolled back around to it again.

Did you actually implement the tip of 8 weeks ago and determine your priorities? Now let’s take that a bit further. After you have your priorities set, how do you stay focused on the right priorities and not fall back into old habits of just doing “stuff?” Do I ever have a tip for you—and it’s FREE!